Rabu, 1 Ogos 2007

seminggu sudah berlalu...

oye.. sy kembali... ape nak tulis neh.. klu nak ikutkan sebenarnya byk.. tapi when u have so many details, even the tiniest one, when u add it up.. it can be a hussle to put it nicely as stories... if only im one of those earthlings yg rajin nak blog even the tiniest story each time they feel like it. my life would be so much easy to manage kot? heh.. officially i have issues...

let me think, hmm which one nak letak dulu.. owh.. just around last week, i bumped into this blog of super cool info about warehouse sales... luckily the blogmaster is not like me, dia pastinya sungguh rajin and committed to serve the public need for warehouse sale info and details... kenapa saya cakap begitu? ini kerana cukup terserlah dengan segala jenis infos of dates and whereabouts of warehouse sales mencecah hingga ke hujung tahun. and here i thought whenever warehouses make a clear-off sales, they usually go and about to tell only to the closest family that work in the company. the only warehouse sales that i dont need flyers to tell me it exist is the cadbury factory sales. yg lain i dont really know they exist! seriously... lots of stuff dijual dgn harga "harus habis by ahad". and yet, malaysians sibuk ckp the megasales period tak cukup lama... pergh-lease la..

just somewhere around last week jugak i got myself a very very last minute tickets and all-access passes to watch letto's showcase. thanks to along for them. and also thanks to putet & friends, sou and lynnz for agreeing last minute to watch them with me. seriously, nothing beat a free entrance to some showcase. sebagai contoh, i'm not much of a letto fan. so except for knowing only of a couple of letto's track title (not the songs, or lyrics or even the band members stage name.. just the song title).. the all access pass is enough to make me open to their song and performance on stage. even farawahida's opening performance is likeable to my surprise. (pastinya lynnz dan sou tak stuju. yes sedikit bingit tapi i think its the sound system.. but i bet it sound good in tv soon) well of course the earlier part with the distort mic thingy boleh buat saya sakit jiwa klu itu event saya. tapi as i say, free tix babeh... its all gooddd~ but overall, sy enjoy juga, since letto know how to move the crowd, so letto is not much of a letdown.. tak sabar plak nak tunggu kerispatih dtg msia september nih.. kalau jadi la..

well thats it for now.. whats instore for me in the future? well somethings is up.. tgk la camne nnt ;)

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