Jumaat, 17 Ogos 2007

its a gonna be a very interesting day indeed...

here i am, on a friday morning, seems clueless.. i'm pretty much sure i have something plan up for today but for no real reason i cant seem to remember it. other than a suppose-to-be-going plan for annexe later in the evening, which i probably wont be going anyway. i cant seems to pull it out of my brain. well maybe later

i wonder hows rush hour 3 is going. i heard most peeps give a more than fair review. i still wish i cud have watch the simpson movie for a second time. but i think i'll look for the dvd later. and i cant wait for 1408 to come out. talk about movie. i receive a random list of local's movie trailer that will be hitting the local cinema soon. after watching all of them. i can say i'm looking forward to watch, among others : Los dan Faun, Cuci & Akhirat.. there's other few that i might want to watch once it available in the cinema though.. ;) (los dan faun trailer is worth to look at.. it remind me of baik punya cilok's teaser trailer)

Akan datang tidak lama lagi... (tidak mengikut giliran tayangan)

1957 HATI MALAYA (Heart Of Malaya)
(2 versi trailer)

IMPAK MAKSIMA (Maximum Impact)
(berbeza drp versi youtube. versi ini ada kereta cgi, heh)

(afdlin and the gang. kecoh ini trailer)

(lakonan Pelakon Terbaik FFM20, Vanida Imran. nampak bagus)

(sudah tonton. ganas!)

ABLASA (Bisikan Syaitan)
(the mohaideen is back, aka Mistik 8)

(lakonan pelakon harapan FFM20 Azizan Nin, arahan pengarah harapan FFM15 Along Kamaludin)

(Hans & Erra bercinta)

(apa boring ini...)

- selamat menonton (url yg panjang dan terputus tu, pandai2 le sambung sendiri)

*trailer list were compiled by the good people of filemkita's yahoogroup. subscribe to the group if ur interested in malaysia's film making industry. other related links : www.filemkita.com & www.sinemamalaysia.com.my

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