Selasa, 28 Ogos 2007

i dont know why but this article somehow manage to make me tickled...

Patriotic plea proves futile
ABDUL Jalil Yusuf was so love-stricken that the 25-year- old petty trader went to his ex-girlfriend’s house at 2306, Jalan 3/7, Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh, on March 18 to express his love for her.

It turned out to be his undoing for the house was occupied by someone else and not the love of his life!

He pleaded guilty to trespassing at the Petaling Jaya magistrate’s court yesterday.

Abdul Jalil, also from Sungai Buloh, pleaded with magistrate Izralizam Sanusi for a lower sentence “in line with the Merdeka spirit.”

The accused told Izralizam that he hoped to “celebrate Merdeka outside the four walls of a prison.”

Izralizam was unmoved, and sentenced Abdul Jalil to six months in jail from the date of his arrest.

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i try to put myself in the poor dude shoes.. but i cant seems to find a very good reason as to why must i came up with such excuse?

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