Selasa, 22 Julai 2008

ia datang bagai nafas yg dihembus. ia pergi seperti mimpi..

two days ago. i attend a family gathering of and old friend. usually i give all sort of excuse. but that night i came with ease. there was everybody. every family member except for kak anne's family. there was lukman who came all the way from kl to pass out his wedding invitation to every family member of this house. his extended family. and i was one of the extended of the extended family. altho i rarely show up

today, at 4pm. i received a call from lukman, we just met two days ago at izam's house.

"jan, dtg seksyen 7. izam tunggu kat situ. kak sheira dah meninggal"


from someone who often make fun of death, its kinda hard to believe this prankster. but from the 10second or so pause. i know this has to be true.

as i arrived at the clinic. all three cars were park near the entrance. except for kak sheira's. from a far, there was a frantic noise. a cry. its izam's mom. not that i ever heard her cry before. but i know its her. i saw izam. right then, its positive. kak sheira has left us all. she was on her way home. approximately 2-3km away from home. all it takes was a mild bump to a back of a lorry. she left a caring husband, two lovely daughter and a whole bunch of talkative siblings and parent. i cant see them recover from this tragedy in a short time. they will miss her a lot. we all do.

al-fatihah to arwah kak sheira (may '74 - july '08)

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