Khamis, 20 Disember 2007

what did i get for my birthday?

last sunday. it was a date. a date that mark an existent of a person who suddenly feel he was force to grow to be a man since he was 8years old. 19years later, he sweat it no more, and dully accepted his calling to be the man of the house, if not his life and the person that matter to him, he admit, he's a little slow in digesting every changes everytime he faced. but somewhere in his thick skull and that slow functional neuron cells he call brain believe.. he will prevail. as long as he has the love of all the people that know him.

so seriously, what did i get for my birthday? hmm i still have the best present ever. i still have my love ones, my family, my friends.. and not to forget a kick ass cds of Hujan's latest EP, Radiostar's EP, and Imran Ajmain's repackage cd. all in one go. still waiting for Altimet's. and i still trying to figure how to order cds from sites like ebay & amazon.. barang taknak hantar ke malaysia?akj? anyone who knows how to reroute those things so it can be sent to my address is highly welcome.

owh, so its already AidilAdha.. i dont know.. i think this is the less remembered Raya Haji compare to the last couple of years. maybe the heavy rain has taken its glitters and some of the spirit. just dont play with deep and uncharted water area. u just dont know how a half meter water level can sweep you away in a swift..

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