Selasa, 17 Julai 2007

how to earn my respect.. try to do this

Your driving home from someplace. alone at night. u drive slow, not to slow, with no intention of arriving anywhere fast. suddenly there's a roadblock. its the traffic police doing a regular check at the road block. u drop the car speed as u reach the check point, wind down your window (or u cud already have). u do the usual, u don't have anything to be scared of, u know u got your IC, driving license and road tax where u need them. the cops stop u, they point their torch light, first at the windshield then at u and start to look for anything suspicious inside the car. they found nothing, yet the cop with his expression-less face stare at u for a couple of second. u smile back at the officer. u ask politely,

"ada ape boleh sy bantu encik?"

after a few second, and yet still seem to look for something, the police officer finally decide to ask u a question,

"ni nak kemane ni?"

a normal voice with a stern tone indeed. u look him straight in the eye. u give him an honest and sincere smile. within second, u thought of giving a full detail of where your going. no, u plan to tell him where you've been, in fact u intend to tell him how the day went for u. how your work went, hows things went at home, how u listen to all the good jokes u get from your friends during the usual drinking session after work u just had recently. how u see all these beautiful peoples & scenery and intend to share it with the people asking. and suddenly u remember how u reject a family member request of buying them something on your way home, what your going to tell your superior about the suppose completed work report and need to be presented in the meeting room early next morning. suddenly your head blank. then u hear the officer voice

"Encik, nak kemana nih?"

u snap out. still smiling. u look at the officer again. u hesitate to answer at first since u feel like going back to office, or doing a screaming tyre u-turn to the nearest mamak stall to buy some food for your family member. but u cant be panicking, not in front of this officer, u just smile at him, no need to let him suspect anything else.. but u need to get away from that place as fast as u can. with a 'trying to put ur worry back' look and with a deep breath u begin to answer the officer only question that night...

"saya.. saya nak pulang ke pangkal jalan encik"....


.. i just cant imagine how the night be for u... ;)

... this story was inspired by a real life situation that took place some time ago, albeit no police officer were harm during the event, all this did happen fictionally in my head and was just reacting to the general question, what happen if we decide to answer him that? -july 14th, putrajaya day out

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