Jumaat, 13 Julai 2007

back from the day-out..

mo-horning people of the web..

im not much up for a formal post today but i thought posting something will worth up my morning. i'm still getting a hang to this. for now, i'm looking for something to spice up my page. but where shud i look? any guys out there who willing to chip in some infos, ideas about blog design & managing cud probably help me out. no? oh well, i appreciate it if there's any. and still appreciate if there's none..

will blog again soon, but i think i would do so after msia vs uzbek tommorow.. i have so much to talk about the match.. hahaha

2 ngomel:

w.a.w.a berkata...

blog design mmg bleh tuka.. cume kene switch dr version new blogger kpd old blogger.. memule klik kat customize, pastu pegi kat tab edit html pastu skrol ke bawah klik kat "revert to classic template".. lepas tu boleh gune html or css utk edit rupe blog anda..

w.a.w.a berkata...

saye dpt ni drp ade satu website ape ntah dah lupe name dier..