Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

in 60 second

suddenly feel like contributing something, but what 'pelik' is i feel like using all those big words that u can only find in serious things like forbes, times and annual report for investor. so like i have 60 second to write and so what should i write. so start this one stupid game, play only by myself. or should i tag others to play along? should they? well this game is call 'in 50 second' as the title suggest. u write whatever u have in your mind in 60 second. and the bst thing u have to be honest. so i start this game without really thinking and looking at the monitor. just me blatantly write stuff. how long has it been? 30 second? damn.. so should i go to kl stadium or otam's jamming session? 45sec.... im hungry what should i write.. i mean eat? owh my times up..