Ahad, 15 Mac 2009

Bila Jenaka Berbau Metal...

i just have to blog about this...

artikel ini dipetik dari Junk Online

Rotting Christ @ Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam, MY, 9 May

Greek black metal pioneers Rotting Christ bring their 20-plus years of thrashing to Malaysia in May (that is, if the powers that like-to-be don't get in the way).

The band announced the date on their MySpace, but little else is known at this moment. They have recently released a double-DVD, double-CD compilation entitled Non Serviam: A 20 Year Apocryphal Story. We'll head you headbangers up when we get more bangin' buzz. Meanwhile, thanks to Junk reader Doom Eulogy for the early props!

first and foremost. i have nothing against black metal or any other metal music. i grew up surrounded by this music altho i dont dig these music as much as people expect me to. so my comment regarding this piece of article is not bias on anything bad towards the music. just logic

most of people in malaysia (ok, so lets narrow it down to : mostly malays, people of selangor) knew that, by first glance of the title, this article must have been a joke. not to be taken seriously at any cost. somehow the idea of seeing these words in the same sentence is somewhat bemusing. too literal to be consume directly by any sane malaysian and any metal music lover who reside in malaysia for that case. further read of this article suggest that even the writer dont think he's writing the real stuff. personally, i think the original title was supposed to be Kota Bahru instead of Shah Alam, but since the motherjoker know that would have give it away at first read, they change it to shah alam instead (April Fools is near btw). OR any statement contain the words 'rotting christ', 'metal band' and 'shah alam' should only exist in this example : "A black metal fan from Shah Alam walk all the way to Cambodia to attend a free-for-all concert by Rotting Christ". any malaysian would believe this rather than the article's title.

... just my point of view, who cares anyway right?

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