Sabtu, 26 April 2008

jambatan stamford tetap ukuh!

here's what i think about last night chelsea vs manchester united's game at stamford bridge :

Linesmen 2 - MU 0. it was a one sided game. thanks for the linesmen

it was MU's 'safe it for the champions league' game.. so losing is not that bad right?

i think the game was rigged. not by bookies, but by the FA itself. i have the conspiracy theory for quite some times now and interestingly it fall in places with what i have in mind.

lampard can now consider leaving london for milan with ease since chelsea got adequate cover in midfield and the likes like sidwell can plan his playing time and role for the next season as the 3rd best center midfield in the squad. thats like moving 2 ranks from current season expectation

its always interesting to see three captain of their country in one team arguing which should be done during game play since they know it best.. so who needs the manager, right?

blazing temper : rio ferdinand vs martin keown.. ferdinand still have a long way to be at mr keown attribute

for once, i would love to see sir alex got bombard by MU's fan for choosing the wrong lineup/tactics.

never have i thought, i will ever see chelsea bringing in 3 high profile striker in one game, in one lineup of formation. i only see this in video games

shevy can start considering swaping position into defense after that last save. heck he can even start back the sweeper position craze.

with that look. i still think avram grant makes a disturb, goth-looking school headmaster

the other striker in MU's rank now have additional pressure to perform since rooney can still score with a waist ache. whats left for an excuse?

for the record : MU last two game is against west ham and wigan while chelsea's is newcastle and bolton. tricky game indeed

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